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Post  ThunderDownUnder on Sun Jul 18, 2010 8:56 am

The Puppet vs Michael Myers....(Junkyard Peoples Champ Qualifer 5)
Fantasy Polly vs Corrupter....)Junkyard Peoples Champ Qualifer 6)
Dukul1 vs LuisPH....(Junkyard Peoples Champ Qualifer 7)
Squirrel Cage vs kireto....(Junkyard Peoples Champ Qualifer Cool
nospheratu vs Feierschimmel....(Junkyard X Title Qualifer 1)
Hassoun vs Max Martello....(Junkyard X Title Qualifer 2)
The Bag vs Foremole Din....(Junkyard X Title Qualifer 3)
manutaker vs BFM....(Junkyard X Title Qualifer 4)
gran vs Mr.McTetons....(Junkyard X Title Qualifer 5)
grappler baki vs Gm Thunderdownunde....(Test of Grappler Baki's Strength (ladder)


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